Durable tile in natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass and metal add warmth and character to any room.

Natural stone tile provides a beautiful, organic look with each tile being completely unique.

Ceramic tiles are smoother and more inform.

Porcelain plank tiles can simulate the appearance of stone or weathered wood with exceptional durability, even in high humidity areas.

Stunning accent tiles in stone, glass and metal provide a stylish, high-end look.

Whatever you choose, you will enjoy superior durability, including stain and fade resistance, and endless design options.

Use mats inside entry doors to avoid tracking in dirt and oil, and to protect high traffic areas such as the kitchen sink.

Use protective pads on the legs of furniture to help prevent scratches and chipped tiles.

Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt. Use the hard floor setting on your vacuum. Damp mop weekly, or more often for high traffic areas.

Use a hard surface cleaner with a neutral pH such as Shaw R2X Cleaner. Rinse with clean water.

Don’t use cleaners with vinegar or other acids, ammonia, or bleach, which can discolor your grout or tile.

Wet tile can be slippery – wipe up spilled liquids and excess water to help prevent falls.

Find more tile care tips from Shaw.

Large-format floor tiles provide a more modern feel, can make a small room appear more spacious, and have fewer grout lines to clean.

Small tile mosaics look great on floors and backsplashes, and as accents. Especially popular are mosaics that combine stone and glass, as well as intricate patterns and rich colors.

Modern porcelain tiles can accurately replicate the look of natural stone or weathered wood, and they can be used fearlessly in high moisture and heavy traffic areas.

Newer matte finishes and textured tiles give a more modern and casual feel than the gloss of traditional smooth, glazed tiles.

Geometric shapes and bold colors provide endless design options with a modern look.

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