The timeless elegance of hardwood floors will never go out of style, and they add value and appeal to any home.

A huge variety of colors, species and plank widths are available, as well as custom patterns and borders.

Solid hardwood floors are best suited to low moisture areas of your home with wood subfloor, while engineered hardwoods can work well below grade and over a concrete subfloor.

We can help you select the perfect wood species and color based on your style preferences and the typical traffic patterns in your home.

Sweep or vacuum hardwood floors regularly. Use the hard floor attachment on your vacuum or turn off the vacuum beater bar to avoid scratching your floors.

Wipe up spills promptly. Standing liquid may soak in and cause damage.

Don’t wash or wet mop with any water based solution – this could cause swelling, warping, or other damage, and may void the warranty.

Use hardwood flooring cleaner. We carry recommended wood care products.

Don’t use oil, wax, polish or products with ammonia or vinegar, which can dull the finish.

Don’t use abrasive cleaners or sponges – they can scratch your floors.

For floor care and warranty information from each manufacturer, visit our Floor Care page!

Wider, longer planks provide a more spacious look with fewer seams.

Low gloss floors showcase the woodgrain and hide scratches, dents and dirt.

Darker, richer stain colors showcase the grain on hardwoods such as cherry, oak and walnut.

Gray tones are the new neutral backdrop for many design styles.

Oil finished hardwood floors are again increasing in popularity, due to their low maintenance and ease of care.

Rustic, distressed and vintage styles add warmth and character to a room.

View hundreds of hardwood flooring samples in our showroom!

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Hardwood Flooring

Are you considering the rich, natural look and feel of hardwood flooring for your home? Selecting the perfect wood flooring depends on many factors, including your budget and personal style, how much traffic the room gets, and if it will be installed in a kitchen or basement, where moisture can be a concern. We want you to be thrilled with your new hardwood floors! Let us help you with the “homework” so your flooring investment can be a source of pride and satisfaction for many years to come.

Solid hardwood floors are best suited for low moisture areas of your home with wood subfloor, while engineered hardwood flooring can work well in a basement or over a concrete subfloor. Engineered hardwood is constructed with a thick veneer on top of layers of plywood. Both solid and engineered hardwood flooring are available in a huge variety of wood species, plank widths, and pre-finished colors to coordinate with any style of room. Our expert staff can design and install custom patterns and borders to perfectly fit your unique style.

Do you have hardwood flooring that needs TLC? Our expert staff also does flooring repair and hardwood floor refinishing. Call us today for a complimentary on-site consultation!

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