What's the best carpet if we have pets?

Our furry friends are family...but sometimes they do "things" to your carpet or ON your carpet, and unfortunately they're unable to tell you. Puppies are adorable, but that stage of training might be a little rough while they are learning where their outdoor area is.

There are many different types of carpet that will be great for pets, but our most stain resistant carpet would be SmartStrand by Mohawk. SmartStrand fibers are made so that liquids (and other PET THINGS) don't penetrate, so it's super easy to clean...usually just with water! This stain resistance doesn't wash off....even after a professional steam cleaning. A couple of other great reasons to pick SmartStrand: it's made in the USA, it's made with renewable resources, and it's SOFT. Another reason is that it has ZERO moisture absorption which means it reduces pet-related odors. No more stinky carpet.

We also suggest a carpet by Shaw that has a stain resistant protection on it called R2X (That means it’s 2x as stain resistant as normal nylon carpet). This carpet is great because not only is it soft under your feet...it is also great for clean-up and really gives you a little more time to get that “accident” cleaned up. So, you’re protected!

When it comes to your pets nails, we want to make sure we are careful of those loops in carpet...we don’t want your dog or cat’s nails to catch. That might scare them, and then pull your carpet. So stick with a carpet without loops, and we’ll avoid pulling those loops.

We love dogs, cats, bunnies, iguanas, birds….all pets. We’ve got great options that can work for just about any situation. Precision Floors and Decor has been providing the widest selection of durable carpets to the residents of Plymouth, Sheboygan, and surrounding areas since 2011.

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