The latest in flooring in a Plymouth, WI living room

What are the latest trends in flooring?

With newer technology being used in the manufacturing industry, the choices of installation designs are increasing every day. From distinctive colors to unusual layouts, the latest trends in flooring are by far exceptionally beautiful! Let’s go over a few of the more popular looks that may interest you for your upcoming home makeover. 

Smoked slats

The vast majority of wood installations come pre-stained from the manufacturer. However, one alternative that's growing in popularity is smoked wood. These slats appear different as the process they undergo doesn't include staining. Instead, the wood gets its rich color from the smoking process, where planks are placed in a special chamber and react with added ammonia. This interaction produces unique patterns, with each piece impossible to duplicate, including enhanced natural graining and darker tones. 

Unique layouts

The standard layout of slats can seem a bit humdrum to some homeowners. In this instance, opting for a unique layout pattern offers an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind flooring design. Lately, the herringbone style has resurfaced, particularly in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. However, this is merely one example, and you could certainly choose from a wealth of atypical flooring layouts. If you're not sure where to start, then ask one of our Precision Floors & Décor on-site professionals! 

Black and white vintage

Relive the feeling of beautiful memories past with a black and white vintage tile installation. This look is making a huge comeback, and it's no surprise really since it's such a classic, elegant style. You can even quickly modernize the design by adding bolder graphic patterns that still maintain the vintage vibe. Essentially, black and white vintage tiles can work in any space, though it appears particularly stunning in dining rooms and kitchens. 

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