Durable, budget-friendly laminate is a terrific flooring choice for active households, mimicking the look of hardwood, ceramic or stone tilework, but with carefree maintenance.

Hard-wearing laminate remains beautiful after years of normal wear, with proper cleaning.

Sweep or vacuum your laminate floors regularly.

Use the hard floor attachment on your vacuum, or turn off the vacuum beater bar to avoid scratching your floors.

Wipe up spills promptly. Standing liquid may soak in and cause damage.

Don’t wash or wet mop with any water based solution – this could cause swelling, warping or other damage, and may void the warranty.

Use cleaners formulated specifically for hardwood and laminate floors. We recommend and carry Bona and Pallman laminate care products.

Don’t use oil, wax, polish or products with ammonia or vinegar, which can dull the finish.

Don’t use abrasive cleaners or sponges – they can scratch your laminate floors.

Wider, longer planks with fewer seams create a more spacious feel.

Softer gray tones provide a more restful home environment.

Very rustic, even barn board styles create an old-world warmth and atmosphere.

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