Love this room? Here are the finishes…
Large tiles – Ceramica Casabella ceramic tiles (12×24 on walls, 18×18 on floor)
Accent strip – Jeffrey Court stone mosaics

See photos of the kitchen backsplash.

When Jack and Mary Paquette discovered Precision Floors & Décor they weren’t looking for tile – they were searching for a product to clean their basement floors. “We were met with such friendliness and warmth,” shared Jack. While in the showroom the couple started looking at tile. “Heidi (Larson) spent so much time with us, looking at samples and presenting different options.” In the end they decided on a tile backsplash to finish a recent kitchen renovation. “The installers were extraordinary. They actually took out and replaced individual tiles to make the mosaic pattern look more random. This backsplash has become a signature in our home,” said Jack.

The next project was their sunroom, which Mary uses to start her garden plantings from seed. The couple worked with Nick Zurn to select ceramic tile for the floor and walls, and he design a stone mosaic strip to accent the large tiles. “The installers were clean, friendly and punctual,” said Jack. “At the end of the day they cleaned up and you couldn’t even tell they were here. We wish we had known of them sooner.”