The short answer is ...IT DEPENDS. But most of the time, no! If we’re installing a porcelain tile or ceramic tile, the surface is usually glazed and fired, (meaning the finish is baked on). Also, the grout that Precision Floors & Decor uses is a pre-sealed grout so there is no need to strip and reseal this grout. BUT, you do still need to clean your tile regularly, clean your grout, and caulk well. We carry a cleaner called MIGHTY INDIGO that we recommend. It does a great job, and keeps your tile looking new for a long time. Regular cleaning can do wonders for your custom tile showers. After all, there is lots of heat, humidity, moisture in that small space... and then drying (when you run your fan regularly). Depending on how many people are in your household that are using the shower---you may need to have the caulk cleaned out and re-done.

Mighty Indigo, the power to clean!

When it comes to natural stone, we WOULD recommend having your tile sealed before installation because it’s porous. You may want to seal again after another 6-10 years of use (again, that depends on how many people are using the shower, and how often).

Our Plymouth Showroom houses a huge selection of tile. Whether you’re looking for a natural stone or a porcelain tile-WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED. Our team of experts not only know how to assist you with your design and layout needs...but also we’re the experts in TILE INSTALLATION. Our installation is covered for life. We do it right, so that your shower looks amazing for a long time. Our tile selection can be viewed on our website, or take a look at some of our installations on our GALLERY page.. We’ve been proudly serving Plymouth, Kohler, Elkhart Lake and all of Sheboygan County since 2011.